Reflection report on a test

On October 19, 2023, I took part in the initial ICS test and received satisfactory grades. However, I couldn't shake off a slight disappointment because I believed I could have achieved a higher score. Despite finding the study material relatively manageable in class.

Thankfully, I encountered no significant issues throughout the preparation phase or during the examination itself. Looking ahead, I intend to commence my preparations earlier for future tests. This proactive approach will afford me greater confidence in my abilities and help regulate the influence of stress on my performance.


Reflection on the first semester as an IOM student

After feeling drained and burnt-out from studying communication sciences, I decided to pivot towards a different path, opting for IOM. The shift brought a sense of renewal, and I embarked on the year with enthusiasm. I appreciate the structure of IOM, which emphasizes fewer lectures and more hands-on tasks, allowing for greater autonomy in managing my schedule and engaging actively in learning.

This semester has been particularly rewarding, filled with enjoyable lessons and engaging projects. Through the curriculum, I've developed a deeper understanding of the significance of respecting and comprehending diverse cultural communication styles. Additionally, I've honed my skills in effective team leadership and gained valuable insights into the dynamic field of management.

I've come to recognize the correlation between thorough preparation and heightened confidence. Past experiences with exam anxiety, stemming from a fear of failure, have taught me the importance of mastering course material well in advance. When I approach exams with comprehensive preparation, my confidence is bolstered, easing the challenges of test-taking situations.


Reflection on chair person/ participant 

Chair person

Our group had a fantastic dynamic, which made preparing for the workshop a smooth process overall. Despite one member falling ill, I stepped in last minute to cover her role. Admittedly, it was a bit stressful adjusting to the new responsibilities within the workshop on short notice, but I gave it my all, and the positive feedback from everyone reassured me that I performed well.

Our workshop coincided with the day of the ICS test, which divided our focus. As a result, we inadvertently overlooked certain key points that should have been included. Nevertheless, we were enthusiastic about presenting our work, and I believe we delivered a strong performance overall.

Moving forward, we've resolved to begin preparations earlier, especially when multiple deadlines or tasks coincide. This proactive approach will ensure we have ample time to address all necessary components thoroughly.


I make a conscious effort to show genuine enthusiasm and support for other teams during their presentations, as I would appreciate the same if our roles were reversed. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy participating in workshops because they actively engage us in the learning process. This involvement makes it easier to maintain focus and remain fully attentive throughout the session.

Reflection on the first year as an IOM student and action plan for next year

Over the past year, I've experienced significant growth and faced various challenges. Engaging in diverse courses and hands-on activities has enriched my understanding of global business and management. Through immersive workshops and interviews with professionals, I've affirmed that IOM is truly my passion. Participating in leadership forums, COIL projects, work observations, and more has provided invaluable lessons on working within international teams and effectively managing them. In essence, I'm grateful for the learning opportunities, both highs and lows, in my first year at IOM.


Looking ahead to the next year of my bachelor's journey, I'm ready to embrace opportunities for growth and development.

Academically, I'll stay dedicated to my studies, attending classes and seeking to expand my knowledge through active engagement with course materials.In terms of gaining practical experience, I'll actively seek out internships or volunteer opportunities to apply what I've learned in real-world settings and build valuable skills for my future career.And of course, I'll prioritize self-care and well-being, ensuring I take breaks when needed and maintain a healthy balance between my academic responsibilities and personal life.

With this approach, I'm excited to see where the next year takes me and confident that I'll emerge even stronger and more prepared for whatever comes next.