Maintain close relationships with my friends and family

S -  Have the same relationship with my friends and family like I have now even when we all go our own way and grow up

M - We keep updating each other on our lives daily and make lots of memories together

A - See them at least 2 times/week and send texts or call daily

R - If you feel the support and love, you will be happy and achieve more

T -  This object is not time-bound but for a lifetime

Earn more than enough  to maintain a comfortable style of living

S - Earn a really good amount of money and be able to maintain a very comfortable lifestyle and maybe even get a luxury lifestyle

M - When I sit in my own house and think wow I made it

A - Work a lot, save a bit and invest as much as possible 

R - I would hate to ask for money from my family, I would want to make it on my own

T - in 4 years, because after IOM I am going to do a masters and the year after that I will be working

Keep a good health

S - Keep a good health and condition

M - When the doctors say I am healthy 

A - Doing sports, eating healthy 

R - Health is everything, when you're sick everything is 10x harder

T - This object is not time-bound but for a lifetime


S - graduate IOM

M - pass all of the exams and tests

A - pass each year (preferably without exams in August)

R - I want to have a job I really like and earn enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle

T - 3 years (after this year, 2 more)


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